Some of the questions we get asked most often are set out below. Please take a few moments to browse through them.

What is Treepel made from?
Treepel pest repellent is made by mixing egg powder with a non-toxic water-based acrylic resin and tap water. When applied to plants it makes them unappetising to rabbits, hares and possums.

What safety precautions do I need to take when mixing and using Treepel?
Although Treepel is non-toxic it is not pleasant to consume and should be kept away from children and pets during mixing and application.  Download safety data sheet here.

My pet has sniffed, licked, drunk or otherwise contacted Treepel. What should I do?
Do nothing. Make sure your pet has drinking water available. If Treepel is stuck to fur, simply wash it off with fresh water. Treepel is non-toxic and will cause no harm to your pet. It won't even harm possums, rabbits or hares!

Will Treepel provide 100% protection for my plants?
Unfortunately no pest repellent is completely effective, including Treepel. In field trials with artificially high densities of pests Treepel proved to be more than 95% effective. Some animals are so hungry that they will ignore Treepel and eat the plant. You can be sure that a Treepel treated plant will be the last choice of food for any pest.

How long does a single Treepel application last?
A single application of Treepel will normally last 4 - 6 weeks. When plant growth accelerates in spring, more applications may be necessary to protect new growth.

Will Treepel affect normal plant health?
No. There are a number of animal repellents on the market that will burn young plants or shoots. Treepel is not one of them. Please note that highly stressed plants should not have any form of coating or repellent applied as mortality rates might increase.  Also note that application to broadleaf plants on a hot sunny day may cause scorching. Evening application is recommended for broadleaf varieties.

Where can I buy Treepel?
Most farm supply outlets either stock or can bring in Treepel to order. Visit our stockist page to find your closest Treepel supplier.